Advocacy at Temple ASDA.

At Temple, we’re challenged to think beyond what is in front of us- the profession of dentistry extends beyond the four walls of school. Being a part of ASDA, comprised of 22,000 dental students across the country, we have the opportunity to advocate for dentistry as the future dentists of our country. 

As dental students preparing to enter the practicing world of dentistry, it is incredibly important that we are made aware of the many issues regarding the dental profession that we currently face and will continue to face throughout our careers. Temple Advocacy is working to promote not only awareness, but also discussion about the processes that lead to the advancement of rights, interests, and welfare specifically unique to us - DENTAL STUDENTS and FUTURE DENTISTS!

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What are we doing at Temple ASDA?

National Lobby Day

Are you a member of the #ToothParty ?

ASDA and the ADA have teamed up for National Lobby Day.  This annual event allows nearly 1,000 dentists and dental students across the nation to congregate, learn about the issues that affect the profession of dentistry, and give a voice to these issues when lobbying to Congressmen and staff on Capitol Hill. Students from dental schools across the country gather together to help give a voice and represent the issues that we as dental students care about in the heart of where all politics happen, Washington D.C.

Participants lobby on issues including student loan programs, preserving oral health benefits in Medicaid, and removing anti-competitive tactics from health insurance companies. Attending this event is a great experience for students to learn about relevant issues that will shape the future of dentistry, see the political process, meet dental students from all parts of the country, and learn more about how different schools promote advocacy!

WHERE: Washington D.C.

WHEN: April 2020

On the first day, students are able to be part of the process firsthand and learn in more depth about the issues affecting our profession, get training on how to lobby lawmakers, develop lobbying strategies with fellow students, and hear from prominent speakers as to why advocacy is so crucial. All of this is in preparation for our actual visit on Day 2 to Capitol Hill where we’ll meet with representatives and staff to lobby on behalf of dental students.​ Here, students have the chance to speak in person about these issues, letting others know firsthand what these bills are and why they are so important to our profession. 

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Getting Temple to ENGAGE

Join us for "Pastries and Politics", where students get a free donut and coffee in return for signing up for Engage!

Four key issues that ASDA is focusing on include:

  1. Barriers to care

  2. Student debt

  3. Licensure

  4. Midlevel providers

Meeting with the Pennsylvania Dental Association, Maryland Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association, and New York Dental Association


Temple ADPAC

ADPAC or the American Dental Political Action Committee, is a branch of the ADA, American Dental Association, which advocates for the best interests of dentists, dental students, and our patients in the legislative, political, and public arena. ADPAC is a voluntary action committee comprised of dentists and others affiliated with organized dentistry, and we as students have a chance to be a part of this voice. They work to elect congressional candidates who understand that dentistry is important to overall health and that everyone deserves access to this basic right. The legislative process takes a long time, so right now decisions being made on Capitol Hill today may be in effect once we finish school and start practicing.