My name is Abigail Chernin, and I want to be your next ASDA president. I am innovative, driven, personable, and I am extremely passionate about ASDA.


I have a vision for ASDA, and my vision is both realistic and achievable. With only a few changes, ASDA can become a more efficient and effective organization - one that is able to meet any challenge and one that can adapt quickly to serve the needs of our student body. This pandemic, while terrible, has thrown a spotlight on ASDA and proved that the best student government is not only one that acts, but one that acts quickly and decisively.


This past year, I served as the historian. While it may have been a minor role on paper, I was able to leverage my position and make an outsized impact on ASDA as a whole, including some fundamental changes in the way the organization operates. Most of these changes were not directly visible to the general student body, however, they majorly improved communication and transparency within ASDA itself. This upcoming year, I will work so that all ASDA members, meaning each and every person in the student body, are fully aware of what ASDA is doing and has a voice in the process. For example, I’d like to demystify the selection process for conference attendance and give everyone an equal chance of going. 


Since I've joined ASDA, I've had a proven track record of getting things done, including building a mentorship program, helping to build our website, volunteering at many events, working with the administration and organizing events. I have won awards for my work with ASDA and have become a great leader in the process. 


Many of you are my friends, but all of you are my valued colleagues who have my respect. As president, I promise to make Kornberg better for us all.

Christian Billings

Hello!  For those of you that don't know me, my name is Gabrielle Gette (Gabby Jet) and I am currently a D2.  I am running for the President position for the Temple ASDA Chapter. I believe I would be great candidate for this position and I am ready to help serve the student body! 


My first year at Temple I had no idea what ASDA was, but luckily I was selected as the D1 Class Rep.  That year I attended a few of the leadership conferences and was able to assist and/or go to almost every ASDA event that was hosted.  By working with the ASDA committees, I was able to see how they enable individual growth and make our TUKSoD community stronger.


This year I served as both the Website Chair, President Elect, and a District Delegate.  This experience gave me the opportunity to see how ASDA works from the inside out. It enabled me to form connections with the administration, the current e-board at Temple, committee chairs, and delegates from other schools in District 3 and National ASDA. These connections let me see what worked well in their chapters so I could bring those good ideas back to Temple.   


I recently received feedback from fellow students (both involved in ASDA, and not) to see what potential changes they would like to see. From these conversations, I have come up with some ideas that I believe can make 2020/2021 great. Being an open minded person, I would love to hear your feedback on how we could make ASDA better for you.  


A major goal I have is to make ASDA more inclusive and improve our communication with the school.  I would like to add a weekly email updating the school on events, meeting notes, and what's going on with National ASDA news. By adding this newsletter, students will be informed and our overall communication with the school will improve. I also would like the e-board and Committee Heads to hold more general body meetings so students can be informed and provide additional input on events.   Another goal I have is to get more D1 involvement.  After talking to other schools and current D1's, I would like to add D1 Representative positions to each of Temple's committees.  Finally, I plan to have a rewards system based on points for National Conference opportunities.  I believe currently there is a misunderstanding on how students are chosen for National Conferences.  If we add incentives, more students will have a chance to attend National Conferences. I hope to get your vote, and please let me know if you would like any clarification on my ideas. Just remember, "Your best bet is a vote for Gette!"

Maianh Nguyen

Hello friends! Thank you for the opportunity to run for your ASDA chapter President. I know that I can bring effective equitable leadership to this role, pushing our chapter to excel through these uncertain times. As a leader, I thrive from cooperation, gathering knowledge, and guidance from my peers while listening to the community to inform decisions that benefit the group, allowing me to be the strongest voice of those I serve. I have held plenty of positions to help prepare me for this role, ranging from running a 100-man fraternity to heading a million-dollar project devoted to enabling independence for persons living with disabilities. Every leadership role comes with its own challenges; however, I have found that one thing remains constant: effective leadership begins with engaging every member. If elected, this is my goal; to encourage our entire dental community to get involved, bringing as many unique and innovative ideas to our chapter as possible.

Beyond overseeing the day-to-day functions of our chapter, the President acts as a liaison between our university and ASDA district and national leadership. I have been actively involved in both sides of this balance. As Vice-President elect, I oversaw the activities of each committee, interfacing with our executive board. My goal for last year was to increase communication within the chapter; to do this, I organized our first chapter retreat in the last three years and established seasonal inter-committee meetings to facilitate idea sharing and committee chair collaboration. At the district and national level, I have attended every conference ASDA has to offer, making many connections with our current national leadership. I actively engaged in policy-making at this year’s Annual Session and am well versed with ASDA and the ADA’s structure, leadership, and strategic plan for 2020.

If elected, I promise to give 110% to our chapter that I care so much about, and will make 2020 our most fun, fulfilling, and fruitful year yet!

Tooba Rehman

This past year, I served as one of ASDA's first year representatives. Throughout this experience, I was able to attend national and regional conferences  and begin to understand the impact ASDA can have on our career, both in school and after. I was also exposed to how our ASDA chapter functions and was able to get involved with events and projects. I have previous experience being an officer on an executive board, including serving as a Vice President and as President. I oversaw an executive board of 20 members and ran executive board and general body meetings. Through this, I developed organization and decision making skills as well as effective communication and time management. 

Aamir Alam

My name is Emily Heffner and I’m running for ASDA secretary for this upcoming year. Since starting dental school, ASDA has stuck out to me as an organization that I wanted to be a part of. It has given me a better understanding of organized dentistry and has allowed me to network with dental students from around the country. I am currently a rising third year and I have had the pleasure of serving as one of the wellness chairs this past year. During arguably one of the most grueling semesters of dental school, I planned several events. I was able to bring students together and I organized events such as a succulent workshop and a dodgeball game that helped students get their minds off the stress of school. One of my goals was to plan events that were accessible to all of the student body and I did so by hosting these events on school grounds and dealing with the many administrative challenges this came with. This year, I would love to have the chance to serve as the secretary of ASDA. I would continue to advocate for events that reach all students as a member of the E-board. I believe that my passion for ASDA, my exceptional organizational skills, and my ability to work well with others will make me an exemplary candidate for this position.

Turab Rai

Working closely with the E board will allow me to offer new ideas and a helping hand in events/ideas that ASDA members would like to actualize. I love to provide support and strength to leaders I respect and the upcoming E board has no shortage in potential.

I take leadership positions very seriously and love to take action to better my school. The secretary position will allow me to record ideas, strengthen the bridge between the E board and general body members, and keep sharp awareness about the progress of Temple ASDA to help where I can.

Simply stated, If you elect me I am at your service :)

Aamir Alam

I’m here to succeed through dental school while enjoying the process. ASDA gave me a confidence boost my first semester, and I just want to give future DMD candidates the same motivation.


Personally, I’ve learned to manage and handle money on a month-to-month basis along with maintaining funds for each semester. I believe my financial organization will help me excel in this position along with initial guidance from the current treasurer.