Why Join ASDA?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Some people may ask, “why should I join ASDA? I have so many tests, I have patients to see, I just don’t have time!” Well, the American Student Dental Association is an organization which allows that school-life balance you’re looking for and also provides advice on a wide variety of topics such as preparing for the national boards exams, finances, getting you ready for the world outside of dental school, and much more!

Stress is a very common problem and most dental students struggle with it daily due to the high rigor of dental school. Luckily, Temple ASDA provides events throughout the semester to help alleviate that stress and channel it into something greater!

Is school getting difficult? Do you wish you had someone to give you advice so you don’t feel completely clueless? Well mentorship meetings and workshops are an excellent source that ASDA provides which give you the expertise, and encouragement you need to get through that difficult practical or test coming up! These are just a few examples out of many on how ASDA can help you! ASDA is a valuable source which can help you reach your dental career goals and become the best dentist possible for your patients. We will be having a membership meeting this Spring Semester (date TBA) which informs you all on our upcoming events, please keep an eye out for an e-mail! Come out and meet the committees and help us help you! 


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