The Hands You Shake

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

When chatting with an OMFS resident I met during happy hour at The Wharf in Miami (100% recommended if you’re in the area by the way) I was given one piece of advice that stuck with me for the two years that followed...

Her advice for securing your future is making it a priority to put yourself out there and meet people other than the ones that sit next to you in lecture or cluster, and go to social events with alumni and colleagues while the opportunities present themselves. As the old proverb goes, “it's not the grades you make, but the hands you shake". The people we meet in school will grow to become dear friends, mentors, referrals, and valuable business connections for the rest of our careers.

"The biggest resource dental students under utilize is the networking opportunity in their school".

At Temple University the students have the Temple Professional Network, an online platform made to allow graduating students to connect and meet with alumni whether it be for mentorship or jobs. Platforms like this are powerful sources of opportunity and a prime example of underutilized resources for securing our future success.  So if you’re like me and can’t think of a New Year resolution for 2020, maybe taking the opportunity to attend social events or join a networking platform might be a good idea. Maybe even making use of the time we spend on Instagram and commenting on posts of Instagram-famous dentists we follow might lead to an opportunity down the road.


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